Throne of Glass Review by Sarah J Maas

I loved this book. I  thought that it was so interesting especially as it was inspired by Cinderella. I also love that Sarah J Maas started writing the series when she was only 15 or 16.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t read the book, so all I can say to you is go and read the book now!

Sarah J Maas recommends reading the prequel novellas before the novel but you don’t have too. I didn’t and I understood everything.

The story is about a girl who is an assassin. She is captured and sent to a slave camp called Endovier but the Prince Dorian frees her because his father, the King is holding a competition to find a royal assassin. Prince Dorian wants Celaena to fight for him and in return she will earn freedom in four years time if she wins the Kings competition.

Anyway I really hope you enjoy the Throne of Glass, it is a fantastic fantasy book which I loved and it’s a series! The fifth book is coming out this year!


If you have read the book which I assume you have as you are reading the spoiler section you will know about the whole dilemma of being on Team Chaol or Team Dorian. I find it really hard to choose a team as I love both of these characters and my opinion kept changing throughout all of the books. As this is a review of Book 1 I will tell you that for book 1 I preferred Chaol as I felt that there was a lot more character development to happen. I felt like Prince Dorian was a bit of an open book (however he is one of  favourite characters now!) I kind of feel like I’m not on a team because as I said I love both characters.

I loved that during one of the trials Celaena let her soft side show by saving Nox and coming last. I think it was nice to see that she is not this heartless assassin that we may believe her to be in the beginning.

I thought it was funny how Celaena kept ignoring the Captain of the Guards ( Chaol Westfall) instructions by going to the ball and different things. It was also nice to see them develop as friends throughout the book.

The most fantastic thing for me was when we discovered that both Celaena and Dorian loved to read because that is something that we as readers can relate to.

And a sad moment. When Dorian came to Celaena’s bedroom and heard her playing the pianoforte and she tells him about Sam. That was so sad.

One final point, as you probably know there is a great debate on how to pronounce the names the characters. So much so that Sarah J Maas had to add a guide at the back of her books. I wish she would put them at the front because by the time I notice that they are there it’s too late and I’m calling the characters something weird. For example, if you have read Sarah J. Maas other series A Court of Thorns and Roses you will know the character, Rhysand. Well his name is meant to be pronounced Reece-sand but for the whole of the book I called him Rhy-sand.

Anyway bye for now!

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