Advice for Aspiring Authors

So today I’m going to share my tips and advice for writing a book.

I am currently trying to write a book and it is a project that takes time and effort. I find it difficult to find the time to work on my novel. How I resolve this is to write for ten minutes every night. It doesn’t have to be a lot, I tend to get about 300 words done. It’s not a lot but over time this will all add up and you will have a regular writing pattern. At the weekends and holidays you can spend more time on your book.

Another problem writers face is editing their book. We all have to do it, it is unavoidable but leave it until after you have finished your novel. I tried to do it as I went along but I then realised that I was spending all my time editing and not enough time writing. So put editing out of your mind until you have completed your first draft.

If your having trouble writing you could start writing a diary as its really good practice. I met Holly Bourne author of Am I Normal Yet? (Which you should definitely go and read because it is so good) And this was her advice to me when I asked her for writing advice. I think it is a good and helpful piece of advice because it helps with your writing style and grammar etc.

Also if your school offers a writing club definitely sign up and if it doesn’t perhaps you could start one up?

It is a good idea to have someone read your book. Every time I finish a chapter I give it to a few of my friends to read (it is best to have more than one person because everyone has different opinions). This will just give you somebody else’s opinion on what you are writing so that you know what is good and what you can improve on. It also really helps with your grammar because your friend could pick up on an error that you maybe didn’t notice.

I personally don’t find a plan of my novel helpful to me. I just see a series of pictures in my head telling me where I want to go with my story and how I want to end it but if having a plan helps you definitely have one. If your unsure whether a plan will help you or not do one. That way even if it doesn’t help you you’ll know it’s not for you, if it does help you that’s great! I have found however that it is a good idea to write down key points so you don’t forget anything.

It is also a good idea to buy a notebook and carry it around with you. This means that whenever you get an idea you can just scribble it down so you don’t forget.

A final point from me is don’t write just to get published, write for yourself! The writing process has to be enjoyable otherwise why are you writing? If your not enjoying the content your writing, write something else although it is a good idea to finish what you started and stick with your project. Definitely do not stop because your mind has gone blank, if that happens just take a break from writing and go back to your story in a few days.

Remember don’t give up and believe in yourself! Writing can (and will) be a hard process but it can be fun too. Now, go and get writing! Good luck!

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