Being a Reader is Hard, OK?

As much as reading books is one of the best possible hobbies it doesn’t come without its problems. Here is as list of just five of the problems (well, they aren’t really problems) that I noticed.

1) TBR piles otherwise known as the dreaded to be read pile

Every single reader that I’ve ever met faces the problem of the ever growing to be read pile but we readers know how to solve this problem, yes, a book buying ban except… they don’t really work. As soon as we’re anywhere near a book shop, in we go and when we come out, we come with another fifty books or so in hand. 

2) Shelf Space

 That feeling we readers get when we get a new bookshelf and we get to start filling it up with our rapidly growing book collection. We’re proud of it because it looks so pretty but then what happens? Yep, we run out of space. Then we have to begin the process all over again of trying to find somewhere you can put the new bookcase you really need to buy.

3) Book Series 

Do you ever accidentally buy the sequel to a book thinking it was the first in the series? It is a recurring problem in the bookish world. Why can’t the book just specify that it is not the first book? Some do but others don’t which make it super hard to figure out sometimes.

4) Money

 A large amount of readers money goes towards books because they are just really expensive and lets face it when we’re at a book shop we can’t just pick one book, we have to get them all, well as many as we can carry anyway. Sometimes we even go as far as wasting our money on a book we already have at home except it has a different cover so we’re not really wasting our money, are we?

5) Choosing a Book

We readers find it impossible to just choose one book when shopping in a book shop – it really is a hard task. This therefore means that readers end up spending hours just staring at the shelves of books. We spend so long that our friends get fed up waiting on us and tell us that they are never ever setting foot in a book shop with us again.

But we readers are happy to be readers… 

These are just some of the problems that come with being a lover of books but there are obviously lots of great things as well. Such as book signings/ events. It always such a great thing to go to events and listen to your favourite authors chatting about their writing experiences and even if you can’t make it to an event there is usually some author interviews on YouTube. There is also loads of BookTubers to watch. I love watching BookTube videos because it’s great to watch people who share your love and enthusiasm for books.

However taking in all of the above one of the greatest things about being a reader is the stories it unlocks.

What’s your reader problems? What is your favourite thing about reading? Let me know!

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