Dare to Fall by Estelle Maskame

Dare to Fall is just one of those books that when you finish you can do nothing but sit there and think about it. It was just so amazing and I applaud Estelle Maskame. Dare to Fall definitely had me hooked and had my full attention for the entire novel which it rightfully deserved.

I first read Estelle Maskame’s DIMILY trilogy around this time last year when I discovered she was going to be attending DeptCon2 and I absolutely loved the trilogy. Suffice to say my expectations for Dare to Fall were very very high and guess what? I think Dare to Fall surpassed my expectations. And another piece of good news is the fact that Estelle Maskame has just been announced for DeptCon3! I can’t wait to meet her again and tell her how much I love her books again!

So, I suppose I better tell you what Dare to Fall is all about then?

Tragedy strikes the Hunter family in an accident that was over as quickly as it began. MacKenzie Rivers, struggling with grief of her own is scared of the pain the Hunter twins are going through. One night however she meets Jaden Hunter unexpectedly. Is it time for Kenzie to confront her fears and her own grief. Could letting the Hunter twins back into her life be the answer?

I really sympathised with Danielle and Jaden Hunter. Due to the accident the twins were absent from school for a number of months but when they returned they were subjected to worried glances and their friends walking the other direction. I understand that in a situation like that the twins need help and support from friends. They crave normality and the fun they had before the accident. Jaden appeared to have healed more so than Dani but the stuttering condolences received is not going to help them. Having people stare at you all day every day is a constant reminder of all the pain and suffering.

On the other hand however, it is also easy to understand why people like Kenzie act the way they do around the twins. How do you know how to act around people who have lost their parents? It is impossible to know what to do or what to say because you can never be quite sure how they are feeling. They may tell you that they are fine but how do you know they aren’t lying? It is even more understandable I think in Kenzie’s case as she is going through something horrible herself but she is dealing with it a completely different way.

To sum it up, this book is all about healing, friendship, trust and confronting your fears. I love how the Hunter twins and Kenzie help each other to makes their lives brighter. They help each other to heal. There is so much emotion written in the pages of Dare to Fall. I laughed and cried alongside the characters who felt so real. Ultimately Dare to Fall is just fantastic. I can’t praise it anymore than that.

Some people may complain that Dare to Fall is slow around the start and really dramatic at the end but I think in this case, this is what makes Dare to Fall so great and addictive. There is just something about Estelle Maskame’s writing that makes her books feel so real and I promise you won’t see the plot twist coming.

Also, the cover is just so beautiful, it will look great on your shelves!

I hope you read Dare to Fall and I hope you love it as much as I did.

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