Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Hi everyone!

Firstly, before we get into this very exciting review I just want to make a quick apology. I have just been so busy with tests and work lately that I have had absolutely no time to even think about writing a post never mind actually sitting down and writing one. This result of this means that unfortunately I’ve haven’t posted in a while but hopefully everything is back to normal now!

Now, you may be thinking that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is most certainly not a book and I agree with you, it most certainly is a film not a book but I’m sure you won’t mind because this is a story in the world of Harry Potter so I’m sure you can agree that this is a big thing.

Now I absolutely loved this film so much that I went to see it twice and I wouldn’t object to seeing it a third time. It was that good.

I think when you set out to make a successful film a major factor is pace.  It has to have perfect pacing which I think was done well in the film as everything happened at a believable and realistic pitch which made the film really enjoyable to watch.

The characters, the world and of course the fantastic beasts were all created amazingly which I knew would be because this a work of J.K. Rowling that we’re talking about.

I feel like we have been so spoiled this year with all the new Harry Potter stuff between plays and screenplays and films there has just been so much. Trust me when I say that I am not complaining.

I also believe that there are going to four more films in this new series and I am beyond excited to see what J.K Rowling has in store for us. Any ideas?

So that is it for the non-spoiler section although why I’m even doing a non-spoiler section in this review because if you have not seen the film then your obviously living under a rock.

*Spoiler Section

Firstly I want to discuss the fantastic beasts. My favourite just had to be the niffler. That little thing had be laughing the whole way through, he was just like a magpie doing anything and everything to get his paws on something shiny!

My favourite character definitely had to be our little muggle, Jacob (I don’t know where to start spelling his second name). I definitely want to see him reunited with Newt in the second film and also with Queenie although we do see them meet up again at the end of the film in his bakery.

I also really want Creadence to chose the right side which is definitely not Mr. Graves aka Grindelwald.

That’s really it. I know it was a short review but I hoped you enjoyed it.

What’s your favourite fantastic beast?


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