Inferno by Catherine Doyle


Today, I’m going to be reviewing as you might have guessed Inferno by Catherine Doyle. The amazingly, wonderful sequel to the amazingly, wonderful Vendetta.

Catherine Doyle is a really talented author with a real gift for storytelling. I would absolutely love to be even half as good a writer as she is one day.

If you haven’t read or even heard of this amazing series by Catherine Doyle, well don’t worry, I have a review of the first book in the series so you can see exactly what you’ve been missing out on.

Review of Vendetta:

After book one, I had very high expectations for book two, Catherine Doyle certainly set the bar high for herself but she passed with flying colours. In fact, she exceeded my expectations with this amazing book and if you have read it then I am sure you’ll agree.

Now let us move on to this book where I can go into much greater detail about my opinions or certain happenings within this book.


I feel like I discussed a lot of my opinions and views of the majority of characters in my review of book one which leaves only a few left that I want to discuss.

I character that met the most horrible and most unfair fate was poor Sara Marino. Sara was so easy to like and she made an instant connection with our main character Sophie. Sara had a passion for music and had a desire to study it at university. Only Sara never got that chance because Sara had the misfortune to be born into the wrong family. Sara was born into the Marino family, a family that had been in a feud with another family, the Falcones, a family we know all too well.

The fact that Nicoli killed that innocent girl who had her whole life ahead of her just makes me hate him even more if that is even possible. I hate that he thinks he still has a chance with Sophie and hate that he shoved Luca out a window because if it. I have so many more examples up my sleeve which can tell you why I hate Nicoli so much but if I don’t stop now then we will be here all night. Plus I have already went to great detail in my review of book one which you can check out if you want.

I just want to ask you one question. Why is Luca the only person in the Falcone family that knows the difference between right and wrong? I understand that they have been born into the family and have been brought up in that way. Even still, if Luca can see that what they are doing is wrong then why can’t his brothers at least admit it? I’m sick of them all acting like heroes.

Next, I would like to talk about Sophie’s uncle, Jack. I always thought that their was something off about him but I never expected him to be so uncaring when Sophie’s mother was killed, especially since it was all his fault. As the novel went on, I came to suspect that maybe Jack and Sophie’s dad were the long lost Marinos so it wasn’t a huge shock to me, although I was interested to see what Sophie made of the news.

Sophie was told that she was a Marino in the worst possible way. She was told by the Falcones whilst she was looking for their help. This was certainly not at all helpful to Sophie’s plea for help as it just made her look like a spy sent to get information from the Falcones.

Also I cannot believe Sophie’s dad was involved all along. I honestly thought that him murdering Angelo Falcone was just an unfortunate accident and I feel so bad for so bad for Sophie who basically has lost her whole family within days.

Before I go, I just want to talk briefly about Sophie’s mum again. I was so heartbroken that she died and to be honest I don’t really know how Sophie is going to cope now that her mother who alongside Millie was the one to keep her grounded.

I was so thankful that Luca came to help her as it is definitely not good for  to bottle up her feelings, the way she was. I love the thing Luca and Sophie have going on. She saves him, he saves her.

Anyways, I am so excited for Mafiosa, it’s already pre-ordered and January can’t come fast enough.

What are your thoughts on this book?

See you next week!

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