Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

I read this book insanely quickly. By that I mean one sitting. I read it whilst lying in sun on my holidays. I couldn’t think of a more perfect book to start my summer of relaxation.

It took me to the world of Italy which l’ll be honest, I didn’t know a lot about other than its reputation of serving the most delicious pizza in the world. This showed me a vast culture that included not only food to die for but a vast range of beautiful landmarks and idyllic green trees towering over cobbled streets. And yeah I kinda wanna visit now. This book told a beautiful story of, well, love and gelato.

Maybe you want to know a little more? Maybe you want to know what brought our American protagonist, Lina all the way to Europe? Unfortunately the reason is not the nicest. Lina’s reason for visiting Italy is supposedly to live with her father, Howard after the tragic death of her mother. The discovery of her mothers old journal leads her on a magical journey through the streets of Italy.

The characters in Love and Gelato were realistic and interesting. Whilst reading I wanted to get to know each character from both the present and the past. Through the journal we learn and come to care about the friends Lina’s mum Hadley made in Italy. We also witness Lina making new friends such as Ren whom she even trusts to help her with her mothers adventure.

Although, understandably Lina was wary of reading something in which her mother had handwritten but I think the journal helped Lina in ways she might not even realise. It gave her a connection to her mother and taught her so much about her past that she needed to know.

This book does have its sad and upsetting moments in which all we readers want to do is save the characters from the pain they are feeling but this book also has its happy moments. Moments in which are reserved for eating four bowls of the best gelato Italy has to offer.

This book is all about adventure, friendship and forming relationships to last a life time. I would one hundred percent recommend this to you if you’re a fan of satisfying, contemporary reads. I would also suggest reading this during the summer months as it just adds to the whole feel of the novel.

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