Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers


So, this post is all about… Spoilers!

Everyone I think has had their favourite books spoiled for them at some point whether it be the death of a favourite character or whatever but if you are this thinking well, I haven’t had my favourite book spoiled then please feel free to comment below and tell your secrets! How do you manage it?

If your anything like me then you probably don’t like spoilers or maybe you do. I have a friend and she literally checks for spoilers before she watches an episode of whatever TV show she is watching. I don’t know how or rather why she does that!

It’s why I always have specific spoiler section on my blog because I really hate anything that spoils even the smallest little detail. This is also why my introductions are so short because although I want you to go away and read the book, I don’t want you to know much about because then it won’t be as enjoyable for you.

Now then, I think we have gathered now that I really don’t like spoilers, so now I am going to give you three hopefully useful ways of avoiding spoilers!

1) Avoid the Internet 

Now, I don’t mean that you have to literally not go on the internet whilst you’re reading a book (because in my case that would mean I would have to avoid it forever!) but rather avoid searching for anything to do with the book. Also, try and avoid the authors’ websites and social media accounts.

2) Don’t Tell Your Friends You Like Something If You Know They Like It Too

Basically, if you know that your friends really like a certain book series and you have just recently started it, don’t tell them until after you’ve finished it because then it’s less likely that your friend will accidentally spoil anything for you.

3) Read and Read Fast

Get your hands on a book as soon as it comes out and then read it as fast as you possibly can. Make sure you are one of the first to finish!

Finally, you don’t want to spoil something for anyone else so here is a piece of advice so that you don’t spoil a book for someone else without meaning too!

1) Warnings

If you are writing a blog post about a book always make sure you label spoilers before you write them!

I hope you enjoyed this nice and short post about spoilers.

Bye for now!

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