Why I Never Bothered with Historical Fiction?

You probably came here for a lovely little answer on why I never bothered with historical fiction. That is what it says it the title after all. To be honest with you though there is only one very short answer which is the fact that I just don’t know. It was actually extremely stupid of me to overlook historical fiction considering history is one of my favourite subjects in school.

So now I find myself asking, why did I not think historical fiction might be for me? Still I can’t give you an answer but at the very least I have come to the conclusion that I will not look past it any longer.

What drew my attention to the historical genre after all this time, you ask? After being a book lover practically all my life, why now? Well, it all started with one simple video.It parked my interest you see. It was a video of a BookTuber discussing her favourite historical reads. How I ended up watching this particular video is a little fuzzy but I’m super glad I did because she recommended some really great stuff.

As a result, I can now that I am the very proud owner of two novels set in the world war two time period. These books are none other than Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman and All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

I flew through both these books and I would recommend them to anyone. In fact I would recommend them to you reading this. These books provide an insight into World War Two and the effects it had on different people everywhere. Both books provided the attitudes and opinions of the time representing the period as accurately as a work of fiction can. They truly provide us with a snippet of history and represent great significance.

In future I will read more historical fiction as to further educate myself about the past. As well as being educational and informative historical books are believe it or not designed for entertainment. Yes, some hold a bigger message but the authors aim will likely be to provide information in an interesting way.

So let me know, do you read historical fiction? If not, would you consider reading some now?

2 thoughts on “Why I Never Bothered with Historical Fiction?

    1. The Book Theif has been on my TBR pile for what feels like forever now! Is it bad that I’ve seen the film but I haven’t read the book? I know that books are generally better than the movies and I thought the movie was fantastic so I have really high expectations for the book!


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