Friday Fun at Deptcon!



This past weekend (October 13th and 14th) I attended the amazing Dept Con 3 which is pretty much one of the highlights of my year. It couldn’t be done however without the hard work by Team Deptcon who make this awesome event happen. Thank you all so much!


  • All the colourful sharpies- My Deptcon bag and books are all so bright now!
  • Longer panels, signings and more authors!
  • All the proof copies, book merch and samplers available!
  • How friendly everyone was and how many friends I made!


  • The run for goodies in the morning was a but stressful but looking back on it, it was hilarious!
  • Ummmm I don’t know? Everything was great?
  • I really don’t have a lot to complain about, Deptcon really is just amazing.

Originally I had Saturday in this post but it was just so so long. This meant that in order to avoid writing a book I had to split the two. This post will focus on Friday!

So Deptcon 3 officially opened it’s doors with a frenzied run for goodies including ARCs. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to get any really but I was promised another run the following morning. Spoiler, I was very successful that time round because I managed to grab myself an entire bag full of free books (the majority of them were proofs!)


So talking about the actual panels now, the first Deptcon 3 panel featured Sarah Carroll author of The Girl in Between, Maggie Harcourt author of Unconventional, Sophie Mckenzie author of, Girl Missing and Claire Hennessy author of Like Other Girls. I loved hearing about Claire Hennessy’s value on feedback- having to rely on others to tell her that her ‘rant’ isn’t actually adding to the overall story. This panel was a fantastic start to the day!


Deirdre Sullivan author of Tangleweed and Brine (which can I just say has the most beautiful artwork), Virginia Bergin author of Who Runs the World? and Krystal Sutherland author of A Semi Definitive List of Worst Nightmares were all part of panel twos’ line up. Virginia Bergin talking about what grips her as a reader revealed that the writing style is what transports her to the books world. Deirdre Sullivan discussed how she motivates herself to write by basically threatening herself by making her do housework if she doesn’t write! When I spoke to Krystal Sutherland at the signing I discovered that Deptcon was her first trip to Ireland. I hope she enjoyed herself and I can’t wait to read her books!


Panel number three was moderated by author of The Call, Peadar O’Guilin who I think did a great job. Authors on the panel included Philip Reeves author of most recent Black Light Express, Will Hill who wrote After the fire and finally debut author of STAGS (review here), M.A Bennett. I absolutely loved STAGS, I read it over summer and it is looking like a strong contender for my top ten books of 2017. Unfortunately I never got around to reading After the Fire even though it was one I really wanted to read before Deptcon.

On the panel M.A Bennett described her shock when she discovered that three film studios were fighting for film rights and her astonishment when Fox overruled them all. She also shared that she doesn’t read YA whilst writing which much to my suprise seemed to be the theme  of Deptcon this year because Will Hill and many other Deptcon author agreed with her. Philip Reeve also shared a vital opinion on widening the genres you read, saying that if you only read one genre your perspective becomes very limited which can impact what you write yourself.


Next up we had the Harry Potter Spelling Bee which was enlightening to say the least. It featured ten authors competing to win the crown of champion Harry Potter speller. However one unfortunate author after so confidently spelling Dobby, discovered that she had spelt it wrong. She had spelt it Dobbie *cough*  Holly Bourne *cough*. We had good hour of watching pain and horror cross each authors face as they tried to spell their words out in the air before daring to speak each letter aloud. After this we eventually saw Emily Barr declared winner.

And I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist, this just popped up on my Twitter:


I am struggling to see how exactly Holly Bourne is going to live this down! But side note: her new book is amazing, it made me cry but it’s great and you should read it 🙂


Now for the final panel of the night featuring authors Catherine Doyle author of Vendetta, Holly Bourne author of It Only Happens in the Movies, Katherine Webber author of Wing Jones and Lauren James author of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. The topic of discussion was, well, em, dead gnomes? Don’t ask me how we arrived on this particular topic all I know is that IMG_2985teenage Cat Doyle had a boyfriend who liked to send dead gnomes to people. I told my friends about this after and they found it so funny that our group chat is called ‘Dead Gnomes’ now. Yep. I have practically no more notes from this panel because I was too busy laughing. Sorry!


So day one of Deptcon 3 was a success. I really enjoyed myself! Remember my next post will be focusing on Deptcon day two!

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