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DeptCon 3- Saturday Updates


First of all, I am so so sorry, this post was so overdue. Unfortunately, I had really important exams which needed my full attention so I had to take a break from my blog. I hope you will all still enjoy this post despite the long wait.

cl taylor.jpg

Jumping right into panel one which was moderated by Anna Baggaley featured authors C.L Taylor, Chloe Seager and N.D Gomes. C.L Taylor whose first young adult novel The Treatment is out now talked about the self-doubt in which many authors face, including herself. She raised a very valuable point that other people don’t see your work the way you do. So keep going, especially during Nanowrimo if your participating! When prompted for a piece of advice to the younger generation of aspiring writers she was eager to pass on something she learnt from another author to ‘cut the part that readers skip’. Chloe Seager (Editing Emma) also added that some people aren’t going to like your work but that’s normal and it’s okay because there will be people out there who will love it!


The second panel was host to Estelle Maskame, author of Dare to Fall, Sara Barnard author of A Quiet Kind of Thunder, Sheena Wilkinson author of Star by Star and The Space Between writer Meg Grehan. This panel again seemed to focus a lot on the feedback authors receive. Sara Barnard admitted to the fact that when someone doesn’t like one of her characters she takes it personally as she feels that a part of her is in that character. Meg Grehan however admitted that she reads all reviews both negative and positive because she thinks that it shows that the read your book properly. Estelle Maskame also mentioned how much she values receiving feedback on social media platforms such as Twitter.


The third panel of day two of DeptCon marks the halfway point in the day. Featured were Lydia Ruffles (The Taste of Blue Light), Sally Nicholls writer of most recent, Things a Bright Girl Can Do and The Jungle author Pooja Puri. The one piece of advice that really stood out to me came from Pooja Puri. She said that as a writer you have to listen to the voice in your head because we all have that one story that we need to write.


Panel four. Moderated by Anna James, authors Hayley Barker (Show Stopper), Emily Barr (The One Memory of Flora Banks), Amy Alward (The Potion Diaries) and Anna Day  (upcoming The Fandom) all came together to talk about one thing. Books! Anna Day when discussing themes in young adult literature emphasised that she doesn’t want to patronise young readers and that YA shouldn’t. Emily Barr also mentioned that the empathy you gain whilst reading about people who are different to you is so vital and important.

I really enjoyed the signing at this particular panel especially since Hayley Barker seemed so shocked to discover that I’d read her book when I told her how much I’d enjoyed it!

alice broadway

Second to last panel was in my opinion the most hilarious panel of the entire DeptCon 3 titled, Secrets and Prosecco. The panel was moderated by my absolute fave Catherine Doyle. It also featured Melinda Salisbury (The Sin Eaters Daughter), Alice Broadway (author of Ink), Dave Rudden (The Forever Court) and Moira Fowley-Doyle (Spellbook of Lost and Found). And I have to say sorry again because I spent the entirety of this panel laughing and may have forgotten to take any notes. Oops, Sorry!

last panel

Now, you know it’s the last panel of DeptCon when you see Sarah Crossan author of Moonrise. Featured on the final also were, Orlagh Collins (No Filter), Patrice Lawrence (Orangeboy) and Juno Dawson (Margot and Me). I am such a slacker because I have no notes again *bows head in shame*. I can say that Sarah Crossan remembered me which was so cool!

Overall this was an amazing weekend and thank you to all the organisers again! Deptcon for me is always so good because,

  1. There is books everywhere and
  2. there is people talking about books everywhere!

One thing I will suggest as an improvement to DeptCon is to try to announce the author line up earlier or at least some of the line up! I need more time to read more books!

Anyway, I loved meeting everyone: authors and readers. Hopefully see you all next year!

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