ARC Review- Goodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard

goodbye perfect 1*This book was sent to me by the publisher but this not does not affect my review of this book. All thoughts expressed are honest.*

Since Goodbye Perfect was announced it has been on my ‘I’m so excited, eek, 2018’ book list so it isn’t so hard to imagine how excited and thankful I was to receive a copy from My Kinda Book (Thank you so much!).

So, what’s it about?

Well, let me tell you. Eden and her best friend Bonnie have their GCSEs rapidly approaching but Eden isn’t worried about Bonnie. She’s an A star student. That is until she runs away leaving Eden one, ominous message. Even more shocking and surpising is who Bonnie ran away with.

One thing I love about Sara Barnard is the characters she chooses to tell her stories. The reason I think her novels are so special to a lot of people is due to this. Have you read Beautiful Broken Things? Why did Barnard choose Caddy as the main character? I think most other authors would have chosen Suzanne. It’s the same with Goodbye Perfect. Bonnie could of so easily been the main character but Sara Barnard didn’t do that. Nope.

goodbye perfect 2.JPG

Getting back to the point of why this makes Sara Barnard such a special and talented writer is that it represents real life in a way.  Most of the time things that happen in books just don’t happen to us in real life. Most of the time we are simply onlookers whether we have heard it on the news or maybe to someone we know.

(NOTE: Okay, so I realise that this argument doesn’t really work with books like Harry Potter but ya know, stick with me please!)

Either way, as an onlooker sometimes it’s hard to relate to our main character but it’s just so easy to relate to Sara Barnard’s characters. We see healthy, normal everyday relationships, we see how our main character reacts to things. All the while, all the crazy book stuff is happening to another character so we still get a great story.

Yes, we all go through hard times but the reactions and emotions that run through our main character Eden’s head just seem a whole lot more relate-able to me and I love that.

To summarise, I adore Sara Barnard’s elegant writing style and her ability to find a story in the most unlikely of places. Every single one of Sara’s books are uniquely unique and Goodbye Perfect is no exception.


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