Book Review: Lucky Caller by Emma Mills

Welcome back to my blog, You Need to Read These Books. Today, I have a review of a YA contemporary novel, Lucky Caller. I found this to be a very fun, difficult to put down novel. It follows Nina, as she becomes the producer on a High School radio show. The show becomes a legitimate station over the course of the novel, which was entirely unexpected. As always, I will include the Goodreads synopsis, before we delve into my spoiler free review.


When Nina decides to take a radio broadcasting class her senior year, she expects it to be a walk in the park. Instead, it’s a complete disaster.
The members of Nina’s haphazardly formed radio team have approximately nothing in common. And to maximize the awkwardness her group includes Jamie, a childhood friend she’d hoped to basically avoid for the rest of her life.
The show is a mess, internet rumors threaten to bring the wrath of two fandoms down on their heads, and to top it all off Nina’s family is on the brink of some major upheaval.
Everything feels like it’s spiraling out of control―but maybe control is overrated?


Publication Date: 14th January 2020

Page Number: 336

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company


Rating: 4/5 stars

I listened to this by audiobook, after coming across it on Scribd. I’ve read a book by Emma Mills before, and I find that she writes really nice contemporaries. The writing style brought all the lovely aspects of a good YA contemporary – family, friendships, self-discovery etc. All of these themes received decent exploration, there were no major gaps. The writing style contributed greatly to this well-rounded YA contemporary. I’m really glad that I read it by audiobook however, as I think it brought the story alive. If you’re going to read this, I reckon audiobook is the way to go!

The plot was very stereotypical of a YA contemporary, but I found it very enjoyable. I really liked the idea of a bunch of teens hosting their own radio show, especially when they had no prior experience of doing so. It was great to see it go from being just a school grade to them, to something they grew to care deeply about.

I also appreciated reading about Nina’s changing family dynamics, and how she adjusts. I liked reading about her insecurities, her lack of confidence, and how she overcame those over the course of the novel. Jamie, as a significant character, played an important part of this. They were childhood friends, until they drifted, but now that Nina has to confront him on a daily basis, she also has to confront her self-esteem issues. I enjoyed seeing the pair attempt to repair their relationship.

I loved our group of radio presenters. Mills brought together a cast of characters with vastly different personalities, and formed a friendship group that shouldn’t work,but does. I also adored Nina’s sisters, and her stepdad turned out to be brilliant.

This was a very quick, easy read for me. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing read, then I have to recommend this one. Mills is certainly well suited to the YA contemporary genre.

There you have it! My thoughts on Lucky Caller by Emma Mills. Have you read this book? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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