Advice for Aspiring Authors

So today I’m going to share my tips and advice for writing a book.

I am currently trying to write a book and it is a project that takes time and effort. I find it difficult to find the time to work on my novel. How I resolve this is to write for ten minutes every night. It doesn’t have to be a lot, I tend to get about 300 words done. It’s not a lot but over time this will all add up and you will have a regular writing pattern. At the weekends and holidays you can spend more time on your book.

Another problem writers face is editing their book. We all have to do it, it is unavoidable but leave it until after you have finished your novel. I tried to do it as I went along but I then realised that I was spending all my time editing and not enough time writing. So put editing out of your mind until you have completed your first draft.

If your having trouble writing you could start writing a diary as its really good practice. I met Holly Bourne author of Am I Normal Yet? (Which you should definitely go and read because it is so good) And this was her advice to me when I asked her for writing advice. I think it is a good and helpful piece of advice Continue reading “Advice for Aspiring Authors”