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What Makes a Reader? Discussion (Collab Post)



Hi everyone!

Recently I’ve thought a bit about potential readers who don’t read and why people don’t read books as much as we readers would. I also wanted to think about a way that I could talk about this without simply writing a discussion post alone and so I’m delighted to welcome my friend Fionnuala to my blog for an interview!

Fionnuala was an avid reader (the reason we became friends was actually because I saw her with a Derek Landy book in our first year of secondary school!) in her childhood years but took quite a few years break from Continue reading “What Makes a Reader? Discussion (Collab Post)”


The Subject of Goodreads



Some of you may have noticed that I have recently added a Goodreads widget to my blog. Now, Goodreads is not something I am very good at using consistently. The one year I set myself a reading for the year target I failed it basically because I forgot to mark a book as ‘read’ after I finished it. I also constantly forget to rate books and marking them as currently reading. Bottom line, I’m just hopelessly hopeless at Goodreads. I’m sorry! Continue reading “The Subject of Goodreads”


Which Authors Made Me a Reader?

which authors made me a reader .png

I like to think I’ve always been a reader. I know of lots of readers who tell the stories of how and when they became readers but me? I don’t really have that, for as long as I can remember I have been reading. There was no big ‘I’m a reader now’ moment. What I do have however is a range of authors I read as a child and I can only assume that these authors made me the reader I am today.

1. Enid Blyton Continue reading “Which Authors Made Me a Reader?”


What Makes a Good Villain?

I’ve seen some posts discussing what makes a good villain and I decided to make my post about it to share my thoughts. I will be telling you what makes a good villain and how you know a villain has been well written. I might even tell you my all time favourite villain at the end.

1) A Hated Villain is a Good Villain

Bit of a weird statement to write but makes sense when you think about it. If a villain is completely and utterly despised by readers then that is how the author knows he or she has done a good job. Sure the goal of a villain is to be twisted and have goals that are wrong or dangerous.

2) If the Villain Succeeds  

Continue reading “What Makes a Good Villain?”


Why I Never Bothered with Historical Fiction?

You probably came here for a lovely little answer on why I never bothered with historical fiction. That is what it says it the title after all. To be honest with you though there is only one very short answer which is the fact that I just don’t know. It was actually extremely stupid of me to overlook historical fiction considering history is one of my favourite subjects in school.

So now I find myself asking, why did I not think historical fiction might be for me? Still I can’t give you an answer but at the very least I have come to the conclusion that I will not look past it any longer.

What drew my attention to the historical genre after all this time, you ask? After being a book lover practically all my life, why now? Well, it all started with one simple video. Continue reading “Why I Never Bothered with Historical Fiction?”

Being a Reader is Hard, OK?

As much as reading books is one of the best possible hobbies it doesn’t come without its problems. Here is as list of just five of the problems (well, they aren’t really problems) that I noticed.

1) TBR piles otherwise known as the dreaded to be read pile

Every single reader that I’ve ever met faces the problem of the ever growing to be read pile but we readers know how to solve this problem, yes, a book buying ban except… they don’t really work. As soon as we’re anywhere near a book shop, in we go and when we come out, we come with another fifty books or so in hand. 
Continue reading “Being a Reader is Hard, OK?”


Book to Movie Adaptations

Everyone who enjoys reading books has at some point been excited about a book they have read being adapted for film but do we end up being disappointed?

I always read the book before I watch the film because if you read the book first you get to imagine for yourself the world the author has created and imagine the character’s appearances for yourself because everyone will imagine things in a different way than you do. Then when you watch the film you will get to see how somebody else has imagined the world because that is what an adaptation is: somebody’s interpretation of a book. Continue reading “Book to Movie Adaptations”


Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers


So, this post is all about… Spoilers!

Everyone I think has had their favourite books spoiled for them at some point whether it be the death of a favourite character or whatever but if you are this thinking well, I haven’t had my favourite book spoiled then please feel free to comment below and tell your secrets! How do you manage it?

If your anything like me then you probably don’t like spoilers or maybe you do. I have a friend and she literally Continue reading “Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers”