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DeptCon 3- Saturday Updates


First of all, I am so so sorry, this post was so overdue. Unfortunately, I had really important exams which needed my full attention so I had to take a break from my blog. I hope you will all still enjoy this post despite the long wait.

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I’ve Been Shortlisted for an Award! Wow!


Life has been pretty busy lately and every sentence seems to end with coursework or science repeats. But among all the craziness that is school life I have some things which I have been looking forward to and some pretty cool things have happened to me.

The first thing is DeptCon is practically upon us and I don’t think I need to explain how excited I am for that.

Secondly I have been nominated and shortlisted for an award which really really really excited. I have been shortlisted for two reasons one of which is music (I play four instruments!) but the other reason is creative writing!

I am part of a creative writing network which meets monthly and a couple of months a go I was given the opportunity of contributing a piece of poetry or prose to an anthology. So I contributed an extremely short (the world limit was 500 words!) piece of prose titled The Midnight Musical. I wanted to combine my love of music with writing and so I wrote about girls’ discovery of her very own dream. The anthology is titled Live Here Awhile and although you can’t walk into a shop and buy it, it has been published!

Now it is without a doubt an absolute honour to even be nominated never mind shortlisted for any sort of award but it would be so amazing to win. That’s why I want to ask your help because without it I can’t win. Every vote can and will make a difference and if you were to vote for me I would be so so thankful! So read the information and click the link below, I promise it will take two seconds of your time!

  1. I have been shortlisted for an ‘Inspirational Youth of the West 2017’ award.
  2. I am listed under ‘Inspirational Educational Endeavour’ (pretty weird name, I know!)
  3.  Make sure you select Niamh O’Donnell to vote for me!
  4. You can vote once a day per IP address.
  5. If you really want to help me out I would love it if you could ask your friends, family or maybe send out a tweet to spread the word. I am so grateful for all your help!
  6.  So here is the link again: http://belfastmediagroup.com/youthawards/

Once again I am so so thankful for anything you can do. To win would be fantastic and a first for me (since I never win anything) but I know I have done great to get this far!






My Favourite Books of 2016


From the title of the post you have probably already guessed what this post is all about. So let’s get started on sharing my book highlights of 2016!

In no particular order:

1)Empire Of Storms by Sarah J Maas

Again no explanation is needed. This is the fifth book in the Throne Of Glass series and is part of a six book series. If you want to know more about the series I have a review of both Throne of Glass and Empire of Storms. I will leave a link to both reviews at the end of this post. If your not interested well just take it from me that this series is absolutely fantastic.

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Throne of Glass Review by Sarah J Maas

I loved this book. I  thought that it was so interesting especially as it was inspired by Cinderella. I also love that Sarah J Maas started writing the series when she was only 15 or 16.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t read the book, so all I can say to you is go and read the book now!

Sarah J Maas recommends reading the prequel novellas before the novel but you don’t have too. I didn’t and I understood everything.
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A Fresh New Blog

Hello reader!

I moved to WordPress from Blogger where I have had my blog of the same name for quite some time.

You can find the link to it here. 

I plan to move the majority of my existing reviews and discussion posts over to this blog where I hope to do my blogging from now on!

I am a massive fan of a wide range of  YA books and genres and I love to show my love for them in that hopes that you can find your next favourite book. So if you want to follow me on here I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!