Review Policy

If you wish to contact me for anything bookish related please fill out the contact form below or send me an email at

Note to authors/ publishers:

At this time I am accepting:

  • Print/E-book YA books and in most genres
  • Print YA ARCs and E-ARCs in most genres
  • Some YA book related products
  • Self-Published works
  • Audiobooks

At this time I am NOT accepting:

  • Books/products that are not young adult.


Genres I tend to enjoy include the following however I am open to trying new genres!

  • Fantasy (Urban and High)
  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Paranormal
  • Fairy tale/myth re-tellings
  • Historical fantasy is a particular favourite at the minute!

Review Policy

The reviews and posts I upload tend to have a more positive opinion because I usually review books I have enjoyed as to encourage others to read them too however, any review uploaded is written by me and is my honest opinion. If I dislike a book I will explain why in my review but I will always try to include some positive opinions of that book.

If I accept a book for review I will make every effort to upload the review within a two month period however at times this isn’t possible in which case I will upload the post whenever I can.