Interview with ‘Songs About a Girl’ author, Chris Russell

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of books! As this year is coming to an end I have a very special treat. An interview with a fantastic author whose books I discovered this year. This author is the talented Chris Russell, author of the addictive Songs About a Girl trilogy.

In case you’re wondering here is the Goodreads synopsis for book one:

Charlie Bloom never wanted to be ‘with the band’. She’s happiest out of the spotlight, behind her camera, unseen and unnoticed. But when she’s asked to take backstage photos for hot new boy band Fire&Lights, she can’t pass up the chance. Continue reading “Interview with ‘Songs About a Girl’ author, Chris Russell”


ARC Review- Goodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard

goodbye perfect 1*This book was sent to me by the publisher but this not does not affect my review of this book. All thoughts expressed are honest.*

Since Goodbye Perfect was announced it has been on my ‘I’m so excited, eek, 2018’ book list so it isn’t so hard to imagine how excited and thankful I was to receive a copy from My Kinda Book (Thank you so much!).

So, what’s it about?

Well, let me tell you. Eden and her best friend Bonnie have their GCSEs rapidly approaching but Eden isn’t worried about Bonnie. She’s an A star student. That is until she runs away leaving Eden one, ominous message. Even more shocking and surpising is who Bonnie ran away with.

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I’ve Been Shortlisted for an Award! Wow!


Life has been pretty busy lately and every sentence seems to end with coursework or science repeats. But among all the craziness that is school life I have some things which I have been looking forward to and some pretty cool things have happened to me.

The first thing is DeptCon is practically upon us and I don’t think I need to explain how excited I am for that.

Secondly I have been nominated and shortlisted for an award which really really really excited. I have been shortlisted for two reasons one of which is music (I play four instruments!) but the other reason is creative writing!

I am part of a creative writing network which meets monthly and a couple of months a go I was given the opportunity of contributing a piece of poetry or prose to an anthology. So I contributed an extremely short (the world limit was 500 words!) piece of prose titled The Midnight Musical. I wanted to combine my love of music with writing and so I wrote about girls’ discovery of her very own dream. The anthology is titled Live Here Awhile and although you can’t walk into a shop and buy it, it has been published!

Now it is without a doubt an absolute honour to even be nominated never mind shortlisted for any sort of award but it would be so amazing to win. That’s why I want to ask your help because without it I can’t win. Every vote can and will make a difference and if you were to vote for me I would be so so thankful! So read the information and click the link below, I promise it will take two seconds of your time!

  1. I have been shortlisted for an ‘Inspirational Youth of the West 2017’ award.
  2. I am listed under ‘Inspirational Educational Endeavour’ (pretty weird name, I know!)
  3.  Make sure you select Niamh O’Donnell to vote for me!
  4. You can vote once a day per IP address.
  5. If you really want to help me out I would love it if you could ask your friends, family or maybe send out a tweet to spread the word. I am so grateful for all your help!
  6.  So here is the link again:

Once again I am so so thankful for anything you can do. To win would be fantastic and a first for me (since I never win anything) but I know I have done great to get this far!






The Subject of Goodreads



Some of you may have noticed that I have recently added a Goodreads widget to my blog. Now, Goodreads is not something I am very good at using consistently. The one year I set myself a reading for the year target I failed it basically because I forgot to mark a book as ‘read’ after I finished it. I also constantly forget to rate books and marking them as currently reading. Bottom line, I’m just hopelessly hopeless at Goodreads. I’m sorry! Continue reading “The Subject of Goodreads”


S.T.A.G.S by M.A Bennett

final stags.png

I think this may have been one of my favourite books of 2017 so far… Who knew I liked thrillers? I certainly didn’t realise quite how much I loved them until recently. I really am loving the S.T.A.G.S/ One of us is Lying type books I’ve been reading this  year. So if you know of any books similar to S.T.A.G.S please do let me know, I can’t wait to read more of this genre. Continue reading “S.T.A.G.S by M.A Bennett”


Which Authors Made Me a Reader?

which authors made me a reader .png

I like to think I’ve always been a reader. I know of lots of readers who tell the stories of how and when they became readers but me? I don’t really have that, for as long as I can remember I have been reading. There was no big ‘I’m a reader now’ moment. What I do have however is a range of authors I read as a child and I can only assume that these authors made me the reader I am today.

1. Enid Blyton Continue reading “Which Authors Made Me a Reader?”


Interview with Historical Fiction Writer, Anne Blankman

If you have been reading my blog you’ll probably have seen the praise I have for the Prisoner of Night and Fog duology. If you haven’t, however, seen my reviews then don’t worry I’ll leave the links at the bottom of the post but make sure to stick around for the interview!

I can’t believe I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming Anne Blankman to my blog and I cannot wait to ask her some of the questions I’ve been wondering about. Anne Blankman has written three historical fiction novels for young adults such as the Prisoner duology and Traitor Angels.  Now, without any further ado lets start the interview with fabulous historical fiction author, Anne Blankman.  Continue reading “Interview with Historical Fiction Writer, Anne Blankman”


Rapid Fire Book Tag


So I have a lot of reviews (and a very very exciting post) lined up and ready to be posted but I just really, really felt like writing a discussion or completing a tag which is why I decided to take part in ‘The Rapid Fire Book Tag’. You’ll have to wait for the reviews and the exciting post. Sorry!
Anyway I think the idea is for me to answer the questions with the first answer that pops into my head so lets give it a go! Also, just so you are aware, I wasn’t actually tagged by anyone to do this, I just like to do these things for my own entertainment. Well, enough rambling, let’s get started.
1) E-book or physical book?

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