Dare to Fall by Estelle Maskame

Dare to Fall is just one of those books that when you finish you can do nothing but sit there and think about it. It was just so amazing and I applaud Estelle Maskame. Dare to Fall definitely had me hooked and had my full attention for the entire novel which it rightfully deserved.
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What Makes a Good Villain?

I’ve seen some posts discussing what makes a good villain and I decided to make my post about it to share my thoughts. I will be telling you what makes a good villain and how you know a villain has been well written. I might even tell you my all time favourite villain at the end.

1) A Hated Villain is a Good Villain

Bit of a weird statement to write but makes sense when you think about it. If a villain is completely and utterly despised by readers then that is how the author knows he or she has done a good job. Sure the goal of a villain is to be twisted and have goals that are wrong or dangerous.

2) If the Villain Succeeds  

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Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke by Anne Blankman

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke is the sequel to Prisoner of Night and Fog. The genre is historical fiction set in the world war two period. Read my review of book one to see why I recommend it.

Anne Blankman has delivered a fantastic sequel to a fantastic start to a series. Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke begins about a year after Gretchen and Daniel escape to England in search of sanctuary from the Whitestones. We learn of harsh injuries inflicted on Daniel’s cousin back in Germany and how Daniel does not hesitate to get the first train back to Germany. He does this partly due to loyalty and love for his family but also due to his need to do something worthwhile. Something useful. Unfortunately though this also sends Gretchen spiraling back to Germany to face old faces she thought she’d never have to see again.
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Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Lord of Shadows is the second book in Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices trilogy. The first is Lady Midnight.

Why? Why? Why? Why do you do this to me Cassandra Clare? You owe me an explanation at least. It is like she loves to watch her readers suffer, oh wait, she probably does.

After finishing all six hundred and ninety-nine pages (Why couldn’t she have written just a little more to get to 700) of Lord of Shadows I was a fumbling mess. I mean that ending! Even if you haven’t read it yet you’ll know that’s really not a spoiler. At this point it’s practically a given that all Cassandra Clare books leave you a fumbling mess. If by chance you’re reading this and you haven’t read any Clare books at all, well, that’s a cause for concern. It’s not too late to fix it though. Go buy City of Bones and make sure you look up a specific reading order of publication otherwise things get complicated. Well, what are you waiting for? Go! Now!

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Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

I read this book insanely quickly. By that I mean one sitting. I read it whilst lying in sun on my holidays. I couldn’t think of a more perfect book to start my summer of relaxation.

It took me to the world of Italy which l’ll be honest, I didn’t know a lot about other than its reputation of serving the most delicious pizza in the world. This showed me a vast culture that included not only food to die for but a vast range of beautiful landmarks and idyllic green trees towering over cobbled streets. And yeah I kinda wanna visit now. This book told a beautiful story of, well, love and gelato.

Maybe you want to know a little more? Maybe you want to know what brought our American protagonist, Lina all the way to Europe? Unfortunately the reason is not the nicest. Lina’s reason for visiting Italy is supposedly to live with her father, Howard after the tragic death of her mother. The discovery of her mothers old journal leads her on a magical journey through the streets of Italy.
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The Broken Trilogy by L.A Weatherly

I bought the first book in this trilogy, Broken Sky back in October when I attended Dept Con 2  and the author L.A Weatherly was there too. I had heard of this trilogy before but I didn’t really know anything about it. Once I read the synopsis though I was hooked. The world just sounded so intriguing to me and it will to you too. The  Goodreads synopsis is as follows:

Welcome to a ‘perfect’ world.

Where war is illegal, where harmony rules.

And where your date of birth marks your destiny.

But nothing is perfect.

And in a world this broken, who can Amity trust?

From the bestselling author of the Angel trilogy comes Broken Sky – an exhilarating epic set in a daring and distorted echo of 1940s America and first in a new trilogy.

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Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

I don’t know what I can say about Prisoner of Night and Fog that will portray accurately how much this book is worth reading. I have so many thoughts and feeling about this piece of writing which I hope to convey to you through this review.

This book tells the truth. The truth of a horrific time period and the point of view is so different from other historical fiction novels set in the Nazi Germany era.

So do you want to know what it’s about?

Our protagonist is a girl called Gretchen who considers Hitler her ‘Uncle Dolf’. Her family has high privileges due to her fathers sacrifice. He took a bullet for Hitler during the Munich Putsch and due to this, our protagonist views Hitler as her father figure but then she meets Daniel, a Jewish reporter.
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Why I Never Bothered with Historical Fiction?

You probably came here for a lovely little answer on why I never bothered with historical fiction. That is what it says it the title after all. To be honest with you though there is only one very short answer which is the fact that I just don’t know. It was actually extremely stupid of me to overlook historical fiction considering history is one of my favourite subjects in school.

So now I find myself asking, why did I not think historical fiction might be for me? Still I can’t give you an answer but at the very least I have come to the conclusion that I will not look past it any longer.

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Interview with Debut Author, Carlie Sorosiak

I was so so lucky to receive an ARC of the wonderful If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak thanks to My Kinda Book! And now I’ve doubled my luck because I have had the privilege of interviewing the lovely, Carlie Sorosiak who has been kind enough to answer some questions for me to share!

So for anyone who doesn’t know what If Birds Fly Back is all about here’s the Goodreads synopsis:

 Linny has been fascinated by disappearances, ever since her sister Grace ran away in the middle of the night without saying goodbye.

Sebastian can tell you how many galaxies there are, and knows how much plutonium weighs. But the one thing he can’t figure out is the identity of his birth father.

They’ve never met, but Linny and Sebastian have one thing in common: an obsession with famous novelist and filmmaker Alvaro Herrera, who went missing three years ago and has just reappeared. As they learn more about the mystery of Alvaro, Linny and Sebastian uncover the answers they’ve been searching for.

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